Halal Chicken on Rice


2 -Chicken Thigh Skewer Grill HALAL coated in TERIYAKI SAUCE (Nippon Shokken).

Chef Notes:

1 Keep Chicken Frozen)
2. Preheat convection oven to 350°
3. Measure sauce into a bowl with basting brush and set aside.
4. Tray chicken skewers on lined sheet pan
Cook them in the oven for approx 16-18 min until internal temperature is 165°
6. Remove from oven, brush with teriyaki sauce on all skewers, return them to the oven for 2 min.
7. Place in warmer until needed for service
Holding temperature above 140°
CCP: Hold at or above 135°F until ready to serve.
8. Follow the recipe #000987 to cook the rice. Multiply by 1.33 factor to yield approx 40 cooked cups of rice.
9. Place in warmer until needed for service.
Holding temperature above 140°
10. When ready to serve, use a single compartment foil pan >
a) Add: 1-cup of cooked rice and place 2 Chicken Skewers on the Rice. b)Wrap it with film wrap
c) Place in warmer until serving. Holding temperature above 140°