Chicken Caesar Salad


2 cups Lettuce
3 oz Chicken
1/2 oz Cheese – Parmesan – grated
0.8 oz Croutons
2 oz Dressing
1 ea Roll

Chef Notes:

1. Put lettuce in bottom side of salad container.
2 . Put chicken meat on top of the lettuce in the center. 3 oz. chicken (use 4 oz. green handled spoodle to measure or
weigh 3 oz. portion and use appropriate scoop)
3. Divide the cheese and put half on one side of the chicken and half on the other side.
4. Put croutons in one corner.
5. Put roll in another corner.
6 . Portion 2 oz. of dressing in a cup with lid. Place cup in salad container in the corner opposite of the croutons